Day 1 - Conference

H2HC   H2HC University
8:20 Credenciamento e entrega dos crachas
8:50 Abertura - Filipe Balestra & Rodrigo Branco
9:10 Keynote - Jayson E. Street   Is visualization still necessary? - Edmond Rogers
10:10 Attacking VMware NSX - Luft & Harrie   The (not so profitable) path towards automated heap exploitation - Thais Hamasaki
11:10 All the Tiny Features - Natalie Silvanovich   A little bit about Code and Command Injection flaws in Web Applications Frameworks and Libraries with bonus: 0day RCE - Joao Matos
12:10 Lunch / Almoço
14:10 Getting Malicious in 2018 - Stone & McRoberts   Internet of Sh!t: Hacking de Dispositivos Embarcados - Maycon Vitali
15:10 Evoting from Argentina to the World - Ivan Oro   Public Security Tests of the Brazilian Voting System - Paulo Matias
16:10 Break / Intervalo
16:40 Sonic attacks to spinning hard drives - Alfredo Ortega   SegDSP (Segmentation Digital Signal Processor) - Lucas Teske
17:40 Linux Kernel Rootkits - Matveychikov & f0rb1dd3n   Cyber Mercenaries: When States Exploit the Hacker Community - Michelle Ribeiro

Day 2 - Conference

H2HC   H2HC University
10:00 Exploring the Safari: Just In Time Exploitation - Jasiel Spelman   Mobile Medical Records and Storage - Nina Alli
11:00 SMAPwn: a faster way for detecting double fetch vulnerabilities in Windows kernel - Artem Shishkin   Constraint solvers for Reverse Engineering - Edgar Barbosa
12:00 Lunch / Almoço
14:00 GCC is the new pink: Compiler plugins and what they can do for code security - Marion Marschalek   SPLITTER: An Approach to Difficult Correlation, Traffic Analysis and Statistical Attacks Inside TOR Network - Rener Silva aka Gr1nch
15:00 DSL: Dismantling Secret Layers - Brian Butterly   Cracking the Craptcha - Gustavo Scotti (csh)
16:00 Break / Intervalo
16:30 Finding 0days in embedded systems with code coverage guided fuzzing - Anh Quynh & Lau   Virtualization-based Rootkits - Gabriel Negreira Barbosa
17:30 Hacking the International RFQ Process - Dino Covotsos   Fault Injection Attacks com Enfase em Ultrassom - Julio Della Flora
18:30 Encerramento