How to participate

To participate in H2HC 20 Years, you must fill out the registration form displayed after clicking the "Registration" link below. In this link, you will be able to select whether you will participate in just the lectures, just the training, or both lectures and training (all 4 days of the event).


After choosing your type of participation, simply choose the best payment method. You will receive a registration confirmation email and another participation confirmation email after the payment is made.


Press outlets and professionals interested in covering H2HC should contact the organization directly at [coordenacao noSPAM].


  • How do I transfer my registration to someone else?

    Unfortunately all registrations are personal and non-transferrable.

  • Is it possible to register on the day of the event?

    Yes, however, registration on the day of the event can only be done on-site and will not be available online. It is important to note that spaces are limited and there may be no more slots available for registration on the day of the event.