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The Hackers to Hackers Conference 20 Years will take place at Novotel Center Norte São Paulo - SP, Brazil, on the 9th & 10th December 2023. Click here for details about the location.


São Paulo has a large fleet of taxis, as well as subway, train, and bus services.


Here's a guide to help you reach the event location from various points in São Paulo:

*From the Airport

  1. By taxi: A taxi ride from the airport to the event location will cost approximately R$100-160.
  2. By subway: Take Line 1 (Blue) to the Tietê Station, then transfer to Line 2 (Green) and get off at the Novotel Center Norte Station.

*From the Bus Stations

  1. From Tietê Bus Station: Take Line 1 (Blue) to the Tietê Station, then transfer to Line 2 (Green) and get off at the Novotel Center Norte Station.
  2. From Barra Funda Bus Station: Take Line 3 (Red) to Sé Station, then transfer to Line 1 (Blue) and get off at the Novotel Center Norte Station.

*From the Nearest Subway Stations

  1. Novotel Center Norte Station (Line 2 - Green): This station is the closest to the event location, just a 5-minute walk away.

Conference Center
Novotel São Paulo Center Norte Av. Zaki Narchi, 500 - Vila Guilherme, São Paulo - SP, 02029-000, Brasil


Hackers To Hackers Conference (H2HC) is a conference organized by people who work or are directly involved in research and development in the field of information security. The main objective is to allow the dissemination, discussion, and exchange of knowledge about information security among participants and companies involved in the event. With training and lectures presented by respected members of the corporate world, research groups, and the underground community, this year's conference promises to demonstrate techniques that have never been seen or discussed with the public before.

Why hold a conference where new attack techniques, new tools, and system insecurity points can be demonstrated? Because we want to show this type of information to the public, especially to those whose job is to protect and improve system security and help them better understand how others attack their computers. People who attack usually know various techniques, and it is essential that security analysts, system auditors, and others responsible for security also know how to defend themselves.

As can be seen when accessing the best forums, websites, and email lists on the subject, finding security flaws is not a very difficult task. For every flaw discovered by a researcher and sent to a manufacturer, there are probably others already known by researchers who do not notify the manufacturer. And we believe that the best way to protect against these unknown flaws is to deeply understand how the problems occur and create security mechanisms to prevent a class of flaws, not just apply manufacturer-published fixes and hope no one attacks your system with a 0day.


Anyone responsible for information security and privacy should attend, including: CEO, CIO, CTO, Technology Directors, System Architects, System Developers, Network Administrators, Security Officers, Network Security Specialists, Security Consultants, Risk Managers, System Administrators, and students who have continuous learning about security.


Topics included, but not limited to:

  • Intrusion Testing
  • Web application security
  • Exploit development techniques
  • Telecommunications security and phone phreaking
  • Fuzzing and application security testing
  • Techniques for developing secure software and systems
  • Hardware hacking, embedded systems, and other electronic devices
  • Mobile device exploitation, Symbian, P2K, and Bluetooth technology
  • Virus, worm, and malware analysis
  • Reverse engineering
  • Rootkits
  • Wi-Fi and VoIP security
  • Smartcard, RFID, and similar security information
  • Technical approach to alternative operating systems
  • Denial of service attacks and/or countermeasures
  • Security aspects in SCADA and industrial environments and "obscure" networks
  • Cryptography
  • Lockpicking, trashing, physical security, and urban exploration
  • Internet, privacy, and Big Brother
  • Information warfare and industrial espionage


Rodrigo Rubira Branco

Filipe Alcarde Balestra


Cleber Brandao (clebeer) -> Staff Leader

Gabriel Negreira Barbosa -> H2HC Magazine Editor

Ygor R. Parreira

Fernando Fei

Fernando Damiao

Henrique Lima

Ricardo Amaral (loganbr)

Alan Castro

Leandro Rocha

Henrique Galdino

Sergio Kubota

Matheus Aquino

Ygor Sousa

Endrigo Antonini


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